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High Fives


In 2020 when  our world shifted in so many ways, Dr. Namrata Patel deeply reflected on her own role in the field of evaluation. 

As an immigrant and minority, she wanted to create an organization that reflected her personal values of equity, social justice, and integrity

Dr. Patel wanted to create an organization that took on projects with personal meaning because of their connection to improving outcomes for students, families, and under resourced communities. She also wanted to create a space where her work contributed to her joy and wellbeing.  


Today, Research for Social Impact, Inc. (RSI) provides research and evaluation services that are grounded in equity and inclusion and support equitable outcomes and learning in early childhood, K-12, and postsecondary education.  

RSI is also represented by the peacock, the national bird of India that is prominent throughout the country's cultural history. The bright colors and grace of a peacock represent the beauty of our approach to evaluative work with our partners and clients. 

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